Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a few fb photos

mom, people posted these on facebook... so here they are for you to see.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sayonara soroche


sunday we had a late start to our day. we had, of course the intention on checking out two flea markets and we barely made it to one where constanza works. the first time i came to bogota a cpl years ago we stayed with constanza. at the market we bumped into santiago (javier's roommate) and he insisted we have juice with him. my new favorite is lulo... it was super tasty and this one was fresh. after he drove us around the city and we grabbed some mexican food at a fancy place b/c, well... we think we are fancy. actually the complete opposite (no showers for the ladies), which seemed funny at the time.

yesterday was a long work day and so was today. to put it into some kind of perspective, i have shot over 40 gigs since i have been here.

santi took us out again tonight. i had the biggest falafal sandwhich that i have ever seen. i'm still so full i can't focus, especially with the overwhelming garlic after taste.

 santi's range rover.
 going to eat mexicans.

 going to eat falafal.
 yea... it happened.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

homesick ?

bogota, i didn't think it was possible so soon, but yesterday i felt homesick... because of the soroche (altitude sickness) you hit me with. 

i had a reallllly rough start to the day and nothing feels worse than being unwell far from home. however, by late afternoon and some natural type remedies i was feeling significantly better. javier played another show, lido sang and we danced a lot, again. 

i'm exhausted.

somehow, i guess from the soroche i managed to sleep
through the sound check.
 walking back to the party.
the party.
and walking back to javier's.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


... i'm so happy we met again, let me reintroduce myself because you are providing me with a whole new experience.

yesterday was a long day. woke up late and went to get groceries, but on our way (right down the street) was a little cafe bar with a really sweet waitress. had a dble espresso and cake for breakfast. once we were back from the store i prepped a couple of salads and then we were of to javier's show. i knew it was downtown, but i wasn't expecting it to be in front of the president's house with thousands and thousands of ppl. i brought my equipment, but i wasn't expecting to shoot onstage and i definitely wasn't expecting him to call lido to perform. it was realllly good and of course there was a little after party... at javier's.

so, again... we danced :D 

 coffee and cake for breakfast.
 bought so many groceries we needed a cab.

 javier's band, alerta kamarada is playing a  huge show outfront 
of La Casa de Narino (the house of the president).
 alerta kamarada waiting to go on stage.
after the show.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the past cpl days

 lucian w/ his moto and "boys" in villanueva.
 gas on the way to the villadupar airport.
 the airport.
 thankfully, not our plane.
 the airport.
javier, javier's amigo y lido... eating a fat hotdog, in bogota.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

bogota (happy birthday to my auntie)

here i am now... in bogota.

not going to lie, life has been beautiful. for the first time in a long time i feel alive. not just in colombia, but this year. life has been good to me. i'm not in canada enduring the weather and i am living day by day, how i want and doing what i love.  so if u miss me, find comfort in my happiness.

in bogota i'm staying at a new friend's place downtown. he has a gorgeous and spacious apt. that would simply be unaffordable in toronto. bogota is like another planet compared to villanueva. we got a lot a lot of shooting done in the north, but now... we will dance. ha ha, but i have a lot a lot a lot of editing to do as a result. none the less, being very productive...  but i must go dance now.

life is good.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

on location (jarol's)

we didn't make it to villadupar today b/c we figured we could wait til tmrw to get currency, which was true. we spent most of the day today shooting a music video for one of lido's songs, but lucian had an accident and cut his head open... he was fine, but we decided we had enough shooting for the day.

shooting ...
shooting ...
shooting ...
sleeping ...
sleeping ...
jarol's roof
the view

pictures from yesterday

 waiting for lucian to get out of school yesterday.

dinner yesterday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


our morning started off with lucian's first day of school, he freaked out when we left. then we bumped into lido's uncle in the square. he wasn't at work b/c a very famous vallenato musician, israel romero was in town. after meeting with him we went back home to prepare for a day of shooting. we haven't started shooting the video yet, but for the better b/c now we have a solid game plan for tmrw. we did maybe six separate shoots today around the neighborhood, results are excellent and we had a lot of assistance from random people walking by. most days we hang out with jarol at some point. he is a really great artist and he has a beautiful studio downtown.

israel romero y lido

i have more photos but i can't upload with this shitty connection.

Monday, March 21, 2011


it's hot and really humid. life is exceptionally slower paced here and today is a holiday. mamá mallo is still in rioacha, so we have been staying in her empty home. i think she will return today. we are going to shoot a music video soon , probably start in a few hours.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


after a taxi, a bus and another taxi that ripped us off... we made it to villanueva (pop. app. 20 000) just after sunset. the trip from barranquilla cost me approximately 61 000 pesos which works out to be about $33 us. in barranquilla we went camera shopping and i found a reasonable lumix point and shoot digital camera with a leica lense for about $200 us. it does the job and is more descrete.

o... i almost forgot. villanueva is where vallenato music was born and it plays day and night in the streets on loud speakers.

villanueva didn't exist on this map... so i put it where i think it is.

Friday, March 18, 2011

here i am...

and ur not! haha
weather is beautiful and barranquilla is just as i remember. got here realllly early this morning. charlie and lido picked me up from the airport... eventually. of course... haha. this morning when i woke up lucian was having a bath in the bucket, just like last time i was here. michael just bought our tickets to bogota for march 24th and we will stay there for about 2 and half weeks. lido and micahel are both playing shows there. tomorrow we are going to villanueva for a while.

charlie packing our taxi