Saturday, March 26, 2011


... i'm so happy we met again, let me reintroduce myself because you are providing me with a whole new experience.

yesterday was a long day. woke up late and went to get groceries, but on our way (right down the street) was a little cafe bar with a really sweet waitress. had a dble espresso and cake for breakfast. once we were back from the store i prepped a couple of salads and then we were of to javier's show. i knew it was downtown, but i wasn't expecting it to be in front of the president's house with thousands and thousands of ppl. i brought my equipment, but i wasn't expecting to shoot onstage and i definitely wasn't expecting him to call lido to perform. it was realllly good and of course there was a little after party... at javier's.

so, again... we danced :D 

 coffee and cake for breakfast.
 bought so many groceries we needed a cab.

 javier's band, alerta kamarada is playing a  huge show outfront 
of La Casa de Narino (the house of the president).
 alerta kamarada waiting to go on stage.
after the show.

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