Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sayonara soroche


sunday we had a late start to our day. we had, of course the intention on checking out two flea markets and we barely made it to one where constanza works. the first time i came to bogota a cpl years ago we stayed with constanza. at the market we bumped into santiago (javier's roommate) and he insisted we have juice with him. my new favorite is lulo... it was super tasty and this one was fresh. after he drove us around the city and we grabbed some mexican food at a fancy place b/c, well... we think we are fancy. actually the complete opposite (no showers for the ladies), which seemed funny at the time.

yesterday was a long work day and so was today. to put it into some kind of perspective, i have shot over 40 gigs since i have been here.

santi took us out again tonight. i had the biggest falafal sandwhich that i have ever seen. i'm still so full i can't focus, especially with the overwhelming garlic after taste.

 santi's range rover.
 going to eat mexicans.

 going to eat falafal.
 yea... it happened.


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