Friday, April 22, 2011

(photos as promised...)

i haven't been doing much interesting, other than going to war with ants.
life... with lucian

chatting with my friend in bogota

jairo: yesterday i left my msn logged in

me: and... ?

jairo: i ate toooo much fish... 
so when u talked to me... i was sleeping

the past few days in villanueva

it is holy week, so all the students are home from school and the town is packed.

on wed lido's family went to riohacha. on thurs we took michael to the airport (he's going back to ohio) and i successfully used an atm in the city.

the house is pretty empty and quiet. i remember what it is like to feel hungry, a necessary and good feeling. i'm going to see the caribbean coast on wed for about a week. very excited.

between now and then we are going to finish shooting the first two music videos and hopefully one more photo shoot... maybe three. haha i have three ideas i need to bring to life here.

(photos coming soon...)

Monday, April 18, 2011

pictures from yesterday

 a foto of la guajira from the plane when we came from cali.
michael. need i say more?

so yesterday wasn't entirely unproductive. we did go with lido's family to their farm. there were lots of kids and lots of animals and lots of flies. her aunts and uncles cooked a huge meal in an outdoor kitchen. i caught one of her little cousin's dancing so now we are hoping to have him appear in a video for a song yet to be made. a lot of work to be done. 

had an early start today doing research and getting files organized. then of course, i ate a ridiculous amount of rice, salad, plantain and fish for lunch accompanied by fresh lulo juice. mommy mallo spoils me with food and juice, but she refuses to let me take her picture. 

my stomach so full that it hurts to sit up straight and i am struggling to find a comfortable position to work in.
the farm

Sunday, April 17, 2011

it's sunday

...i don't feel like doing anything.

seems like all i do is eat and edit and then eat some more... sleep and start over. sometimes i eat in my sleep.

robot twin.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

georgia on my mind ♥

back in villanueva relaxing in bed with ray charles ♥

we had a long day of travels yesterday. left alex's around 4:30am, caught a flight to bogota at 6am, our connection was delayed because the plane was ill-equipped to fly, soooo we transferred to another. when we arrived in valledupar the cab tried to more than triple the fare... but of course, lido was not having that! finally, we got a driver to take us to villanueva and we shared the ride with a kissy faced shaman. he read our lives so clearly it was surreal.

there is definitely something serene about being back here. not to get me twisted, we had a real good time in bogota at javier's and cali was super chill. but, here i am... isolated from the hustle of the city, concerts, parties, boys, late nights etc... it's time to be more productive again.

lido just brought me fresh mango.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

i've been busy...

in bogota i had some film developed, so the first few images are from when we were in villanueva and then more images from javier's and constanza's in bogota. 

we left bogota last wednesday on an 11 hour night bus to cali. cali has been fun and kind of random. a lot of late nights and of course dancing. a lot of eating too. we fly out early tmrw morning.

michael, villanueva.
on set.
on set.

recording, bogota.

the bar.


juan and michael.


lido's radio show w/ michael and diana.

camilo, mike y juan. in cali!

press conference in cali.

on our way to soundcheck.

the stage.
yup. itouch in the cake.
wonder bross.
look for the carrot.