Monday, April 18, 2011

pictures from yesterday

 a foto of la guajira from the plane when we came from cali.
michael. need i say more?

so yesterday wasn't entirely unproductive. we did go with lido's family to their farm. there were lots of kids and lots of animals and lots of flies. her aunts and uncles cooked a huge meal in an outdoor kitchen. i caught one of her little cousin's dancing so now we are hoping to have him appear in a video for a song yet to be made. a lot of work to be done. 

had an early start today doing research and getting files organized. then of course, i ate a ridiculous amount of rice, salad, plantain and fish for lunch accompanied by fresh lulo juice. mommy mallo spoils me with food and juice, but she refuses to let me take her picture. 

my stomach so full that it hurts to sit up straight and i am struggling to find a comfortable position to work in.
the farm

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