Tuesday, April 12, 2011

georgia on my mind ♥

back in villanueva relaxing in bed with ray charles ♥

we had a long day of travels yesterday. left alex's around 4:30am, caught a flight to bogota at 6am, our connection was delayed because the plane was ill-equipped to fly, soooo we transferred to another. when we arrived in valledupar the cab tried to more than triple the fare... but of course, lido was not having that! finally, we got a driver to take us to villanueva and we shared the ride with a kissy faced shaman. he read our lives so clearly it was surreal.

there is definitely something serene about being back here. not to get me twisted, we had a real good time in bogota at javier's and cali was super chill. but, here i am... isolated from the hustle of the city, concerts, parties, boys, late nights etc... it's time to be more productive again.

lido just brought me fresh mango.

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