Tuesday, May 10, 2011


a side story to start: i am officially addicted to oma’s chocolate covered coffee beans and just now, i came to understand why they are all melted together. i took ample precautions from bogota to villanueva transporting my precious beans hoping that they would arrive alive… and they did! however, i suppose when the power went out the other day the freezer melted and that was the end of my beans… but now i have chocolate covered coffee bean bars.

also, in taganga i saw a lizards tail fall off and wiggle in the sink as it ran away.
alright, so the past few days i have spent a lot of my time editing and organizing the mess of photographs and footage that i have accumulated in colombia (and will probably do so for months to come). my days here are quickly disappearing and my mind is going crazy contemplating what steps to take next. where am i going to live? where am i going to work? (in toronto of course). i'm not excited, but i'm trying to stay positive. really i am just strategizing a new way to hustle my way out again.

this post has  been lingering as a draft for days now, patiently waiting for a legit connection to be uploaded. we came to riohacha today, back on the coast AND fortunately for our sanity... there is high speed wifi. now, lido and i can be online at the same time.

life is beautiful.

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