Tuesday, May 24, 2011

temporary hiatus

ok, let me try and recap my past two weeks. in villanueva, we had no internet and my phone could not find service.

 in villanueva
 juice to go.

jarol painting.

at some point we went to riohacha to visit lido's gramma. i was nervous, because lido's gramma is a scary costeño. however, i must sayshe was really nice to me this time.

in riohacha.
 lido's gramma weaving a hammock.

 lucian, jesus and santi. my favorite colombian boys.

 back in villanueva.

while in riohacha, lido found out her her cali trip was extended from 2 days to 5 days. instead of sitting in villanueva, i decided to come have some fun in bogota. i caught a car to valledupar and flew to the city. jairo met me at the airport and i stayed in a really nice hostel. to my surprise, i had my first hot shower in colombia. simple pleasures.

in bogota.
 is that nestea salad dressing?
 my room.

 luna w/ santi's model farm.
 sunday at the market.

 that's me in there.
 why not?
 luna, santi and i.

 fly catcher.
santi buying cacti.

sharp things.

my photos.

back in villanueva. stressed because my visa is going to expire and we had nothing legit confirmed for venezuela... only sketch instructions on how we were to cross the border without a permit. i wasn't down for this and after some thought neither was lido. so, back to riohacha to go to the DAS. To my surprise, with a few flirtatious smiles everything went really smooth. now, i can't remember if we went to valledupar that day or the next day, but we went.
last saturday, i said my goodbyes to mami mello and flew to bogota again. now, here i am. saturday jairo and i went for dinner at crepes and waffles. sunday we went to an outdoor market and yesterday i was so sick in bed from the altitude. let's hope today is better.

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